Single Stem Flowers

Choose a center color:
SSS - Yellow YO
SSS - Blue YO
SSS - Aqua YO
SSS - Moss YO
SSS - Red YO
SSS - Turquoise YO
SSS - Trans Blue
SSS - Trans Green
SSS - Trans Red
SSS - Orange YO
SSS - Trans Yellow
SSS - Trans Orange
SSS - Trans Purple
SSS - Butterscotch YO
SSS - Sunrise YO
SSS - Mint YO
SSS - Lime YO
SSS - Lilac YO
SSS - Pink YO
SSS - White YO
SSS - Trans Turquoise
SSB - Red YO
SSB - Blue YO
SSB - Lilac
SSB - Turquoise YO
SSB - Teal YO
SSB - Sunrise YO
SSB - Trans Orange
SSB - Trans Green
SSB - Trans Turquoise
SSB - Trans Purple
SSB - Trans Red
SSB - Trans Blue
SSB - Trans Yellow
SSB - Moss YO
SSB - Butterscotch YO
SSB - Caramel YO
SSB - White YO
SSB - Purple YO
SSB - Lime YO
SSB - Banana YO
SSB - Aqua YO
SSB - Pink YO
SSS - Purple BC
SSS - Red BC
SSS - Turquoise BC
SSS- Orange BC
SSS - Teal BC
SSS - Salmon BC
SSS - Seashell BC
SSS - Plum BC
SSS - Sugar Plum Swirl BC
SSS - Caramel Cream BC
SSS- Olive BC
SSS - Steel BC
SSS - Wine BC
SSS - Caramel BC
SSS - Smoke BC
SSS- Navy BC
SSS - Snickers BC
SSS - Butterscotch BC
SSS - White BC
SSS - Sunrise BC
SSB - Orange BC
SSB - Red BC
SSB - Sunrise BC
SSB- Turquoise BC
SSB - Purple BC
SSB - Teal BC
SSB - Butterscotch BC
SSB - Plum BC
SSB - Caramel Cream BC
SSB - Navy BC
SSB - Seashell BC
SSB - Salmon BC
SSB - SP Swirl BC
SSB - Smoke BC
SSB - White BC
SSS - Purple BW
SSS - Blue BW
SSS - Lime BW
SSS - Red BW
SSS - Pink BW
SSS - Oreo BW
SSS - White BW
SSS - Black BW
SSB - Red BW
SSB - Purple BW
SSB - Pink BW
SSB - Blue BW
SSB - Lime BW
SSB - Oreo BW
SSB - Black BW
SSB - White Swirl BW

Meet The Artists

"My lifelong passion for art has taken many turns and settled here in this perfect place combining glass, metal and color focused toward one of nature's treasures, the flower."

Scott Johnson was introduced to the magical lifestyle of being an artist as a child, as he worked with and learned from his father, who was a sculptor. After years of working with bronze and ceramic, Johnson chose to create in glass and metal.

 Now, working together with his wife Shawn, the two artists derive inspiration from nature-- creating colors and shapes to enlighten and beautify the environments of their collectors.

In the studio, Johnson kiln-forms and cold-works the glass into contemporary free-form flowers in a wide variety of colors. Copper and aluminum are hand sculpted in flowing motion to compliment the flower shapes, then attached to formed metal bases.

Scott's first job at the age of 12 was working in his father's fine art bronze foundry. Scott's fascination was sparked as he watched molten bronze being poured into glowing hot molds. Throughout high school he worked with master craftsmen and assisted in the fabrication of the bronze cast parts as they were transformed into beautiful sculpture. These early experiences instilled a deep and lasting love of art and the creative process. Scott's education has continued since as he has made his living as an artist in a variety of mediums for the past 30 years.