Choose your Small 9 Flower Bouquet Color Combination

Like all of our work the 9 flower bouquet comes with removable flowers allowing for complete customization.  Below find our most popular color combinations.  Please select your favorite color combination to be displayed on your table top glass flower bouquet then simply add to cart. Your bouquet will be shipped with the stem color and color combination of your choice below.

Small 9 Black Rainbow 108
Small 9 Black Prism 107
Small 9 Black Surprise 113
Small 9 Black - Black & White 102
Small 9 Black Pastel 106
Small 9 Black Tropical 110
Nautical 124

Cool ocean colors combine to make this a beautiful display of art glass. Turquoise, blue and aqua glass flowers make up this piece.

Poppy 165

Like a field of poppy's this piece seems to live. Bright white, banana, sunrise and orange make up the poppy color combination. Choose you base configuration below.

Spring 162

Spring colors blossom beautifully in this piece with the bright banana, lime, sunrise, orange and red. Want something that will make you smile each time you walk into the room? Spring colors do it everytime. Pick you base configuration below.

Picasso 152

Picasso beautifully combines yellow, moss, orange, caramel and red glass flowers to create a mixture of warm and bright colors in a way that pops out just enough color to a decor without being overstated. Below you can pick your base configuration to get started building your Picasso art piece.

Maddie 144

Maddie is vibrant, happy and full of energy. This is a combo that will make anyone smile with the combo of lime, white, sunrise and pink you cant go wrong, so pick your base configuration below and get your own Maddie glass flower bouquet.

Monsoon 138

Monsoon is a beautiful storm of brights and pastels all working perfectly together to create this happy color combination. Monsoon uses sunrise, banana, pink, mint and lilac glass flowers to bring a smile to your face each time you see it. Choose you base configuration below

Sedona 133

Sedona reminds us of the beautiful city just a few miles from the studio in which the colors of the earth give radiate with inviting warmth and beauty. This piece features transparent chocolate, caramel, transparent orange and butterscotch. You can choose below from any of the many different base configurations to display your Sedona color combination.

Island 131

Island is an interesting and successful mix of transparent glass, clouded glass and warm tones mixed with bright using yellow, moss, transparent orange and caramel to create a piece that really sets the mood of any room. Choose your base configuration below to get your custom Island sculpture.

Tuscany 130

Traditional warm colors and a perfect blend of caramel, orange, sunrise and red have made Tuscany a long time favorite with collectors of Scott & Shawns glass flowers. Be sure to select the base configuration which will go best with your Tuscany color combination.

Kaleidoscope 122

Kaleidoscope combines red, purple, sunrise and moss creating a very strong color combination. A long time favorite of collectors Kaleidoscope will make a strong statement in any room of your home. Below you can select the base configuration you think will work best.

Ocean 116

This cool mix of colors, aqua, teal, and blue blend so well with many of the beach interiors of so many of our Florida collectors that we had to call this one Ocean. Be sure to pick the base configuration best suited for your space then select the base color below.

Beach 114

This one reminds us of a colorful day at the beach with the bright swimsuits and beach umbrellas line the shoreline. Something about the pink, lime, banana, turquoise and orange combination of colors that brings a smile to your face and lightens up your day. Select the best fitting base configuration below for your new Beach Color Combo.

Surprise 113

Surprise got its name after being consistently one of the top selling color combinations. Red, sunrise, yellow, teal and purple create a perfect blend of bright strong colors and fit nicely with most any decor. Select the base configuration to suite your needs from the list below.

Flame 111

Flame color combination features Sunrise, Red and Orange handmade glass flowers in a vibrant display. Choose your base configuration and base color then add to cart.

Tropical 110

Cool vibrant tones make up this piece named after the feeling it gives. Tropical color configuration features Lime, Blue and Teal glass flowers. Choose the configuration below which best suits your living space to enjoy these soothing tones in your home.

Prism 107

Similar to rainbow but the Prism color combo has all transparent glass. Prism has a very unique look as it changes considerably based upon the light in the room and surroundings. This has been the best selling color combination since 2003 and for good reason, it is just beautiful. Flower colors are trans blue, trans green, trans turquoise, trans red, trans orange, trans purple and trans yellow. select the base configuration below and get your prism sculpture now.

Pastel 106

Pastel says it all using baby blue, lime, sunrise pink and banana glass to create a very comfortable color combination that makes the perfect gift for someone who you want to think of you with and smile each time they do. Choose you base combination below.

Autumn 103

Fall is perhaps the most amazing season of the year with the transformation of the leaves and the beauty it creates can be magical. This piece captures the feeling of that time of the year and vibrantly displays it in your home throughout the rest of the year using red, orange and sunrise glass to create the beauty. Choose you base configuration below.

Sunburst 104

This is how you make someone smile! Give them a piece with the sunburst flowers and you are sure to bring a little daily joy into someone specials life. Sunburst uses banana, orange and sunrise glass in the happy combination.

Moab 188

Navy, butterscotch and caramel glass flowers combined to create a beautiful display of warms contrasted nicely with the dark blue.

Pearl 198

Pearl is a combination of white, caramel cream, plum and seashell.

Dusk 197

Dusk is the combination of caramel cream, butterscotch, navy, white and plum.

Pillar 196

Pillar combines smoke, plum, seashell in a dramatic effect.

Red 195

Red has been by far the best selling color over the years and we give it all to you in this strong and captivating color combination.

Belleview 194

The combination of navy, seashell and plum make this combo stand out and catch the eye.

Stark 193

Simple and beautiful Stark combines plum and white with amazing results. Pick your base configuration below.

Midway 191

Midway colors combine white, navy, plum and olive in this unique and beautiful cobmination.

Christmas 190

Christmas colors are a great option for the holiday season with white and red glass flowers. Use this combination to interchange with your other combinations for the holiday season.

Holiday 189

Holiday is a beautiful for year around or as a display just for the holidays. Many of our collectors will choose this color combination as an option to put on their piece for the holiday season.

Durango 186

Durango combines seashell, butterscotch and plum in a pleasant mix of inspiring colors.

Carefree 185

Carefree brings together caramel, butterscotch and plum in a lovely blend of warm and cool tones.

Silverthorn 184

Silverthorn combines the classic caramel and butterscotch with a touch of olive glass with a very pleasing result. Not for everyone but if your house has the right tones this piece will be a knockout. Choose your base configuration below.

Frisco 183

Take caramel swirl and butterscotch which are the base colors of so many of these beautiful combinations and just sprinkle in some snickers glass and you have this magnificent combo we call Frisco named after the small town in the Colorado Rockies where we spend so many summers doing exclusive art shows.

Aspen 182

Aspen combines sage, butterscotch and plum glass flowers in a very surprisingly beautiful way. Enjoy this combo on any of our many base configurations.

Winter 181

The name says it all on this one... Winter is as simple as it gets yet stunning. All glass flowers are white with butterscotch and caramel centers. Choose you base configuration below.

Oak 180

Oak is a brilliant blend of butterscotch, caramel and white glass flowers to create this beautiful and simple color combination.

Breckenridge 179

Inspired by the beautiful city in the Colorado Rocky Mountains this piece touches combines natural warm tones in the perfect combination, which is why its been one of the top sellers over the years. Colors included are red, butterscotch, olive and caramel swirl. Choose you base configuration.

Venice 178

Venice is a beautiful combination using the colors plum, sugar plum swirl, smoke, caramel cream and sugar plum.

Portland 177

Portland uses caramel cream, seashell, sugar plum swirl and plum glass flowers to create this mixture of warm and cool tones.

Jerome 176

Jerome combines salmon, butterscotch, white and salmon swirl all with butterscotch and caramel centers to create this incredibly soft warm combination that will bring magic to the room with the right compliment of colors.

Lincolnshire 175

Lincolnshire has always been a top seller when traveling and setting up in fine art shows. This one is just breathtaking and feels perfect with its blend of white, salmon, somke and salmon swirl. Choose your base configuration below.

Eureka 174

Eureka successfully combines caramel cream, seashell, navy white cloud and plum glass flowers to bring to life a combination which is warm with a touch of cool. Match you taste and decor perfectly with this beautiful color combination.

Naples 173

Naples is in a class of its own using white, salmon, smoke and seashell glass flowers this combination comes to life. This was the biggest seller at one of are exclusive art shows in the town of Naples FL so we thought it fitting to name the combination after the beautiful city by the ocean. Choose your base configuration below.

Chicago 172

Chicago combo highlights the warm earth tones with a mix of the deep rich red using caramel, butterscotch and red glass flowers to bring together a combination sure to match perfectly in traditional decor. Choose your base configuration below for your Chicago design.

Barrington 171

Barrington is a very string rich look with its emphasis on the reds. Butterscotch is mixed in using both the transparent butterscotch and the more opaque caramel cream glass flowers. This piece is an attention grabber. Choose you base configuration below.

Champagne 149

You can probably imagine Bourbon color combo blending in perfectly with you dining room decor. It was colorized after so many of the traditional color themes and pulls just enough of the warm colors to give it a feel that is perfect fit for your dining room table. Bourbon combines caramel, butterscotch, plum, olive and steel all with the butterscotch and caramel centers. Pick you base configuration below to get started.

Sonoran 101

Sonoran desert in Southern Arizona where the artists live is the inspiration for this piece titled Sonoran. Warm desert colors with butterscotch and caramel centers including wine swirl, butterscotch and caramel make up this inviting color combination. Please choose your base configuration below.

Blue Smoke 119

Blue smoke combines Oreo, black and blue glass flowers with black and white centers.

Purple Smoke 119

Pink smoke has been the highlight of many a teens or young adults room. This color combination has long been a favorite for dads looking for something different and special for their daughters. Choose the base configuration below.

Pink Smoke 117

Pink smoke has been the highlight of many a teens or young adults room. This color combination has long been a favorite for dads looking for something different and special for their daughters. Choose the base configuration below.

Black Cherry 115

Black and white with a touch of red is a strong statement and will bring to life the room with just the right blend of these colors. Black Cherry uses black, red and oreo glass with black and white centers to create this masterpiece. Choose you base configuration below.

Black & White 102

Many contemporary homes are going with the simple and monochromatic decor and this black and white color combination fits in perfectly. That kitchen with the black accents and the stainless appliances with this combination on the counter can be amazing. Black and white uses oreo, white and black glass flowers.

Meet The Artists

"My lifelong passion for art has taken many turns and settled here in this perfect place combining glass, metal and color focused toward one of nature's treasures, the flower."

Scott Johnson was introduced to the magical lifestyle of being an artist as a child, as he worked with and learned from his father, who was a sculptor. After years of working with bronze and ceramic, Johnson chose to create in glass and metal.

 Now, working together with his wife Shawn, the two artists derive inspiration from nature-- creating colors and shapes to enlighten and beautify the environments of their collectors.

In the studio, Johnson kiln-forms and cold-works the glass into contemporary free-form flowers in a wide variety of colors. Copper and aluminum are hand sculpted in flowing motion to compliment the flower shapes, then attached to formed metal bases.

Scott's first job at the age of 12 was working in his father's fine art bronze foundry. Scott's fascination was sparked as he watched molten bronze being poured into glowing hot molds. Throughout high school he worked with master craftsmen and assisted in the fabrication of the bronze cast parts as they were transformed into beautiful sculpture. These early experiences instilled a deep and lasting love of art and the creative process. Scott's education has continued since as he has made his living as an artist in a variety of mediums for the past 30 years.